Long windy night

Written by: Mony Reyna

Why the night’s so silent like an sad empty room?
No voice can be heard just constantly gloom
Where all the people go?
They are sleeping and drowning slow
So tell me what I should know
Why can’t I shut my eyes to sleep tonight?

I can hear the sound of the wind
Like it’s trying to impress you 
Without being seen
I can see the stars are hiding
Behind those hazy clouds
Sparkling like they’ve always been

The moon shines mysteriously
But the beam calms me down
And let me have this lonely night

I can’t sleep and this mind won’t stop thinking
I keep on humming in the place where I’m sitting
I’m so tired like I just need a deep sleep
But how can I sleep when my heart is weary
Can somebody help me…

I looked upon the moon asking for guidance
Make me feel drowsy so I can rest this aching heart
Tell me it’s alright to lay my head on the ground
Let me rest my tired eyes
And let me forget about life for a while

Sent me to a place where everything is beautiful
Sing me a lullaby so mending so peaceful
In this long windy night
Let me rest my tired eyes
And forget about life for a while