The Ways You Use Me

Written by: John Monteblanco

Use me as if I were your cell phone.
Text me 24/7, never get a reply.
I'm in your hands, my destiny already laid out no bypass.
No heart beat, I'm a single celled organism.
I only know how to do one thing and that's how to unsatisfy your needs.
Threw me against the wall, I broke into a thousand pieces.
Fell on the ground just to be forgotten and cried over.
I'd rather you see me this way, than in a different light.
The sentimental me,
the one who never gives a damn.
Is that what made me fall for you?
Not caring if your eyes were bluer than the sea?
Not caring if you knew the demons that lay in me?
Everyday's another struggle to breathe while I'm around you.

P.S.   Did you know "unsatify" is not a word???????