if only

Written by: john. M diketane

The thoughts of a dying man contemplate the life he lived
In constrast to where he would love to live. Forgive me if 
You will but I will not mention, so plese don't sanction me from 
Your thoughts wen you find out I died way before my time and 
Said nothing to you.
You see my greatest wish is if only, if only you could see the
Pain in my eyes in between our laughters. Pardon me but I do
Not pretend, I marely transcend my mind to greater thoughts
To pass the time and ease my heart frm the knowlege of my
Iniquity. If only you could see the joy you bring into my life 
Even in the mist of an urgument I embrace you. Yet you do
Not see the decay in my face as this perpertual death intices
Me to slumber. If only. If only you could save me you would,
But my being wouldn't let you because my soul would never 
Confront you. So even as I take my last breath blushing as I 
Look deep into your eyes I knw dat I am enjoying my last
Breath wishing only dat u knew dat I waving goodbye.