My Struggles 2

Written by: Larry McMillan Jr.

Thursday, March 10th 2011 

It’s 12:09 a.m.  Here I am.  Once again, here I am. 
Alone as always amidst a storm within of which I see no end.

Yet I strive to stay alive - scratching, clawing, biting, gnawing -
To keep my head above the uncharted waters. 
I am as a sheep not yet ready to be slaughtered.

So I tread on.  If I snooze I lose. Yet I thirst and hunger. 
I cannot help but wonder exactly how much longer -

I can continue scratching, clawing, biting, gnawing - 
Before I grow faint and begin to descend below - under
The uncharted waters in a downward spiral

Descending slowly  in to the great abyss.
The land of the lowly - even the dark pits.

Day and night I fight.  No rest for me
With no end in sight to this plight my eyes can see

Yet I tread on till no longer I can breathe 
Scratching, clawing, biting, gnawing.

Less I perish at sea in this seemingly eternal monotony.
What will become of me?