Perry Como

Written by: Robert Pettit

One of the best entertainers of the last century,
this man’s collection of hit records is something to see!
His recording career commenced in nineteen thirty-three
He came from a small Pennsylvania town called Canonsburg.
This place is located just twenty miles south of Pittsburgh.
This famous crooner started in his town as a barber.
However, his true talent came forth as a great singer.
He started out singing with Freddy Carlone’s big band.
When he joined Ted Weems’ orchestra, he achieved fame at hand.
A wartime CBS radio show brought some success.
However, the NBC network found his great prowess.
Como was signed to a long-term contract with RCA.
Success with recordings and show business were on their way!
He appeared in shows on radio and television,
Fourteen certified number one songs came in succession.
“’Til The End of Time” and “It’s Impossible” can be found
With “A-You’re Adorable”, “Hoop-De-Doo”, and “Round and Round”
His great career lasted for more than half a century.
He certainly was a great man to listen to and see!