I Call You My Sister

Written by: Lindsey Brunkala

I call you my sister, but you are more than that;
You are my other half.
You complete my heart just the way you are,
Except sometimes when you drive the car.
I say I’m weak, you say I’m strong;
I’d be nothing if you were gone.
You told me once, you told me twice to take a chance in life.
You are supportive and outgoing,
Creative and loving.
You are unpredictable and never have a banal mood.
It never crossed my mind that I would eat cat food.
You are ubiquitous in my life,
Just like Jesus Christ.
You are strong willed and independent,
Courageous and intelligent.
You gave me your trust
And I proved it when we survived through the purple mush.
You are not feo like my mayo;
Never living in the ghetto.
You are by my side constantly helping me understand the things I can’t quite 
Everything with us is competition, winning is your ambition.
It was smart of us to go to Mission Interact,
But we probably shouldn’t have kept that stray cat.
You always stand up for me;
Never backing down with uncertainty.
You continue to fight for what you believe in
Like the debate with fried chicken.
Every time we are together 
We always get in trouble one way or another.
You live life to the fullest
Sometimes it is like dodging bullets.
Although I will never forget the quote you live by:
“To be old and wise first you have to be young and stupid”