we are what we speak

Written by: john. M diketane

I am feeling a sense of poetic justice as I lift up this pen and emancipate my thoughts, frm this mental prison that enslaves my ideas, tortures my dreams and torments my hopes and ambitions by denying them slowly wrecking me through da wreatched realisation that reality is mocking my imagination by remaining so dull, let me paint it. I refuse to watch life through these shades of black and white, pass me that blue, let's add yellow here and see how this dream looks in green.... I refuse to accept my inability to be the master of my destiny so here words fly on free and please tell Acts about me, I am tired of just watching and standing by so when you do find meaning, and reasoning accepts  you for who u really are, then and only then I knw that u my words will be strong enough to set even ME free. Then acts and I will do and be evrything that we always Said we will be and the world will once again see that we are what we Speak.