Written by: Mikel Tadeje

All the hard things that I went through,
I did it all for you.
You may have made me cry or weep,
But when happy oh I leap.

I thought I gave you every little thing,
Almost as valuable as your gold ring.
I may not be just like her,
But with every whim I try to go further.

But with every step my heart aches,
As if every thing were all fakes.
As if lion's claws in my heart rakes,
The whole of my heart he takes. 

Closing my eyes so I don't see,
The happy you without me.
I know I should really be happy,
For the person loved by thee. 

And so as I end this heartfelt rhyme,
I'd like to ask you one last time.
Do you know how much I love you?
And how much I hope that you love me too...