Battle of the Shadow

Written by: Helen Forber

Dearest downfall, constant fiend,
You seek my out, in darkest dreams.
You know my faults and play them well,
Accompany me to planes of hell.

Longest time, you hide and watched,
Build me up then throw me off.
Debary thick, it always is;
A simple life I’ve yet to live.

Your will is strong, unflinching ore,
Amaze me with the pain you cause.
Poke and Prod, You’ve yet to score,
The killing blow…to end this war.

Armours gone, Thiers no defence,
Take me now, in all good sense.
For if you stop and give me space,
I’ll claim myself and go to waste.

Tell me foe, why don’t you bore?
Same mistakes can’t give you more.
Can you see a part you’ve left?
Take it now and add to theft.

Torn and raw, you stripped me bare,
I stand in hope of mercies care.
Care enough to send the wind,
To blow me down, absolve my sins.

And when I hit, the stony ground,
Strength enough to keep me down.
For if I fall to meet the earth,
She’ll open up, and keep me there.