A Little Wierd

Written by: Jessica Arteaga

Sunlight waves
 I look out into the world with drunken haze...
  ever liked to hop on one leg and change the other?
Try it, you could tell which one is better; which one is sturdy, which one is weak.
 Touch the stuble hair down there
   You know, the ones between your knee
What other place is there to touch?
 Are we getting frisky?
They're like tiny hammer nails, scratching on your fingerprint
 Will it mess up your identity?
   That tiny little cinch
Like a tear on a womens stocking; or could we still call it hoisery?
 Why the thin lace, why the border; like the feeling of some order
   Some reserve perhaps...

                                       what do youy say?
                                shall we take a stroll together
                                    an awckward feeling walk
                               where we could be so very open
                                     and scare ourselves a bit
                              not knowing what the other says
                              not understanding the others jokes:

Every see a funny man cry?
Crying with his mouth and smiling with his eyes
All because his girlfriend got plastic surgery
He was happy for the rack, but when he check his wallet he was short stacked

Hmmmm no good

Do watch the night sky and hope for a U.F.O
Undergarments Forfiting Options
...A bet the boys would like that
That an interesting thing
I wonder when we stick with one, does the urge stay for a fling?
Is that what moves us from animal to man?
Tolerance and Control
I love you for I stay
My apetite tells me to go, and go, and go

                                                   Oh I don't know      

Interesting many subjects floating in my head
I hope its not as original as I fed
but isn't it nice to be a little wierd?

The sun is shining thin
That answer's never clear