Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

Prithee how could i describe thee
You are the morning glory, beauty and virtue,
Mind and soul symbolically personify
Your image send relief to ease my longing soul,
I can hear your silence subdue lonely voice
Whispering, calling me to your fathomness
To behold the voluptuousness, vigorousness and graciousness
In inviting sensuous lips   
Teeth lighting darkly the cave of pout,
Rebuff any unworthy restless freaky tongue
Spiritual super-face primers fill the crest and crevices,
Smoothen the canvas on the foundation
Bringing aesthetics of lustfulness, admiration and appreciation    
The romantic sable almond large eyes,
Leer into my throb
Warning, keep looking you will never find exotic eyes like mine,
Pretty ridge in-between your kissable sculpted nose,
The whiff of embroider lost in your love lavender rose,
Engraved on your surrealist cheekbone 
Accentuated your strawberry skin,
Tattooing the landscape of your unblemished skin,
Tampering manicured fingers fringe by fairy nails
The pride of Emerald embedded gold ring on forefinger 
Usher beholder to sensual kiss,
The raven hair adorn in spirited luxury orchid
Full body falls helplessly on your restful shoulder,
Spilling a crop of curly hair into a free dance,  
Ojibwe goddess i will like a hug and kiss,
To cuddle but not smoother you,
To explore your innocence
And discovers honest and thoughtful,
Caring and clean, independent and fun,
And full of energy.