What do You need, To be noticed

Written by: Wiko Te Maru

Am i just A convenience to you? I try and try to make you visualise the potential me and 
you have deep inside. I sometimes wish that I pass your mind, so I dont feel so stupid for 
always having you cross mine. I wonder why your eyes are so blind you only see the beauty 
which will soon begin to die. You dont see my beauty within, you only see my scars, and 
smile which hides the truth of A love-sick heart being ripped apart becoming love warned out 
and thrown out. Do I need to have killer thighs with a perfect sense to accessorise, or 
beautiful eyes with a seductive style just to be noticed by you that once in a while? Well 
sorry I dont wear gold or diamond chains, or even play these love sick games. Im not 
everything or anything but will always continue to shine because I will forever hold my head 
up high. I am noticed now, for my question is mirrored back at you. What do You need, To 
be noticed?
- Wiko Te Maru