A Bottled Message of Grace

Written by: Carole Cookie Arnold

A Bottled Message of Grace A successfully affluent lawyer began to wander Through many years of alcoholism, he fell Ten years he wandered around in the wilderness In a drunken state at the bottom of life’s well Everything he had known in his past life was a blur Like a dust that slipped through his fingers so quickly Searching the empty hole in his heart he collapsed finding himself laying in the street beaten and sickly Lacking the resources to buy more alcohol he fumbles Through his pockets looking for change maybe a dollar His stomach rolls from the lack of nutritious food His mouth is parched as he loosens his collar Filthy he heads for the beach to wash in its water Contemplating suicide, a small bottle tapped on his back Opening the bottle he saw a note inside with his name on it Heart racing he opens the note as he looked for a place to sit Trembling hands , his face washed in tears he slowly read Dear Joe, This message has followed you for many years My invitation is to welcome you back home repaired If you say yes this note will bring you back restored and fed Leaping to his feet he screams “YES” I accept your invitation A warmth passed through him like a thousand thundering storms His body shook as the blinders fell off his eyes he cried, Father You are my Son, my love breaks with light upon this your new morn A message in a bottle is all Joe would see God uses what he needs to reach you and me It is never to late to reach up for his grace He will always shine his love upon your face Carole Cookie Arnold