more than tears

Written by: Jerry Golden

you're to scared to look me in my eyes
Witness for yourselves my soul as it cries
Don't ever look me in my eyes
I'm everything the world despise

I've been falling for years in this black pit
Calling my fears, chasing my tears after I spit
On a seven day week
Never from heaven do we speak
Anything I love is lost
Worse than my life, 
happiness was the cost
For years and years I've been mistreated
Never once was my heart defeated
Scrapping iron and steel
To whom do you think this appeals
On a three day resting break
No time for plates, I got demons to take
I'm running in circles
Everything in this atmosphere is purple
Why do we die
leave close ones to cry
Cross my flesh with a hot towel
Respect me for the things I said in foul
Put my hands together 
and let the world know I tried

Don't ever look me in my eyes
You're to scared to look me in my eyes
visualize for yourself, my soul as she cries