Written by: Mike Frampton

A true artist gives everything
Multiple meanings,
So who is to say we live in the gutter?
True beauty
Stands unbridled,
And if you could freeze a heart
In place
With a smile,
Then nothing else matters.
Maybe it's your eyes,
The way they can draw attention
Like a ray of light
Leading toward a holy land,
Or maybe it's your hand
With its touch that lulls the restless
To the calm of a busy night.
Maybe it's your lips,
The way your words break the spell
Of a common imagination,
But somehow, I know
A sun shower may be as beautiful
As a torrential thunderstorm,
The beach view of an ocean
May be as beautiful as sin,
But God is always daring us
To look beyond the images
And beauty transcends the beholder.
I bet you would look good in black leather,
The kind that holds tight to skin
As if it were painted on
By the stroke of a brilliant artist
Clinging, like a dreamer,
To the side of a vision.
I bet you would look good in a summer dress,
One with a trim that keeps the hearts of men
Pumping wildly and wishing.
I bet you would look good
Under a bit of rope
And a side of whipped cream,
A sight that would only be comparable
To its taste.
I bet you would look good
In anything,
Especially nothing at all,
And should I be wrong
That your eyes could swallow me whole,
That your touch could bind my skin
Yet retract so easily
As I stand at the edge of my tongue
And I am teetering
As if I were on a diving board,
Looking over the sparkling water
And feeling as if I could drink you,
As if I could swim and give my sweat
To your bidding,
Then nature will run its course
And no one will ever know wiser.