The Devil's Binge

Written by: gordon hickman

As you climb out of bed, a muscle twinge
lands you writhing on the floor"AAhhkk!!"
 getting up, you bang your head on the knob of an open drawer
"OUCHH!" now you know it's not your day, the Devil's on a binge.

At breakfast, if you make it, nothing goes quite right
retrieving the cruet,  hot coffee fills your lap with pain
"XXXX-XX!!" you change, but you're too late to catch your train
so you wait for a bus, but  not one hails in sight.

You start walking, and your bus comes whizzing past
it takes off at the next stop, as you run to climb aboard
you might as well go back to bed, this day you can't afford
and if it's Friday the 13th, you'd better make 

For when the Devil is on a binge, and gets upon your trail
your whole day goes down the drain
from the minute you become conscious, he'll give you hours of pain
no one escapes this blighter's tricks, when he grabs them by the tail.