I Ache

Written by: Michael Todd

I ache everywhere
    if you’re not here
        whether you are far away
            or a mile away,
    when I can’t see you
            and touch you,
            I ache.

My spirit aches
    as it tries to feel
        what you feel
    and wants to bear the burdens
        that you bear.

My mind aches
    from so many shared thoughts
    and too many alone thoughts,
    wanting you to know how much
            I think of you.

My body aches
    from its constant desires
    to be next to yours,
        to touch your skin,
        to hear your voice,
        to smell you and taste you,
        to see your beauty
    and experience all of you.

You are the only cure
    for these aches I have,
    some for thirty years,
    others for thirty days.

I truly hope
    that I am allowed
    to cure some of your aches also
and may the good Lord
    heal you completely
    in His own way and time.