Shattered Glass and shards

Written by: Carole Cookie Arnold

Shattered Glass and Shards Shattered glass sparkling in the sunlight warm Scattered about without purpose from its prior form Once a window glass of protection woven into a home A crisis in life destroyed all the glass has known Shards of trees lay destitute soaked in stagnant water Two walls still stand violent winds led the slaughter Life was rearranged that day as everything was taken Those who held things so high had their habitats shaken A cleaner sweeps up the glass that lays in defeat With his brush in hand cleans it from the street Smiling he turns “Ah! A new window you shall be’ I will heat you up and lay you out for everyone to see Although you were shattered you still continued to shine Now I will weave into a new homes grand design Never did lie there as the watered shards, in misery What was lost has been restored my shining glass of victory Lacking perseverance destroyed their victory If they had only reached toward the son Casting aside all the lifeless shards And simply chose to blossomed on Carole Cookie Arnold 2011