Stormy Stormy Night

Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

As sunset begins to set in the sky takes on a deep salmon color.
Clouds of grays and whites start to mix and stir taking on a awesome sight.
The greenery begins to glow of a yellow hew.
The pinks turn to red and greys turn to a charcole and black.
The winds pick up tossing trees to the left and to the right.
This is the beginning of a stormy stormy night.
Then as the drops of rain begin to fall, they slap everything not just one but all.
Then as the storms pace begins to quicken the sound become that of a earie thing.
Hail begins to peck upon the roof of tin.
Hail pounding when will it end?.
Then the sky would light up if only for a glance.
Thunder would clap and scare one out of the chance.
Then as quick as it had begun the storm was over just to start all over again.
Hours had passed and the fronts had gone for now off in the distance was a 
wonderful light show.
As it had quieted down we would nessle back into our bedsand closed our eyes for 
a short nap.
Morning had come like a blink of an eye.
The sun was rising what a beautiful sight.
Once again the beautiful skies of electric blue appeared.
Who was to have known of the stormy stormy night?.