Written by: Michael Campbell


Where can I find him?
has anyone seen him?
peace like a river
flows from the throne of God
where can he be?
Is he in the wind;
that bend the trees on their
is he by the still waters;
that lies in the meadows?
Please let me know
for I have trod a long way
down life's unfaithful path,
I look in myself,
I search in someone else
but to no avail.
I found not, my long lost friend.
I wonder why!
why cant I find peace;
the friend I need,
the friend I can never do without.
If I find not peace,
how can I rest?
how can I be at ease?
wondering and pondering
my heart grows weary,
where can he be?
there he is!
died on golgotha's hill
arose on the third day ascended
in glory at his father's right hand.
There he is, the peace I need,
at last I can rest,
at last I must confess,
I have found my long last friend.