The Dream

Written by: Sami Helbaoui

Hands held high like a bed of roses.
Red all around like a sea of blood.
You scream for me with shock in pain.
The sound that froze me and made me stare.
I turn my face to see you in a white dress,
like a lonely angel in the demons world.
Swiftly I come and stand by your side,
fearing the sight behind my eyes.

I carry you with my burned rusted hands
but the pain is little compared to the love that I have,
running from the shadows, we meet the naked red hands.
The hands that try to pull us to the shadows
but I am strong and shall not wither.
I clasp the angel of my broken soul between my hands,
the white twilight of the lost space of my heart.
I will fight for you and never back down.

I stumble to my knees and hit the shredded knives,
that bloodied the white dress of my only love,
but scream I do not for I am the hero of the hazel eyes.
The eyes that stare at me with shock and fear.
The devil within me struck out and hit life,
making me scream with my eyes filled with black
and all was silent.

A door appears in front of a mystic light and I
open it with my bleeding knee.
Blinded I am and my eyes burn like fire.
I was laying with her by my side.
Her scent killed the numbness that filled my mind
and all was gone when the dream was done.


9th place in "The dreams. contest.."