Eternal love flame

Written by: Ryan Jackson

I sometimes watch you, when you're asleep,
then take a deep breath, and this I think........
A year has passed, forever more,
life with you, I cherish and adore.
Before I met you, it was only a dream,
my green eyed girl, may never be.
I'm trying to think, of something to say,
that describes my love, an eternal way.
This I know, and will always be true,
neither breathless sunset nor enchanting words,
can ever be, as beautiful as you.
My desire for you, is so loving and deep,
my heart and soul, is yours to keep.
When I wake up, I think of you,
before I sleep, I do then too.
I hope this poem, shows what I sometimes can't say,
how lucky I am to be with you, day by day.
To close this rhyme, from me to you,
I'll love you forever,
eternity too