Childs Heart

Written by: sarah hales

Shout and scream at me 
I will not cry aloud 
My tear is drowned by many a tear
Take me to the deepest of hate 
Where this is not my gate to fate
Words you once said hit hard
My bones did not break 
Just a shattered lie I died

A baby born you held him close
Watched as he took his first of breath
Now you turn your back on a child of mine
I see your face in my dream 
The evil that you wear across your smile
I scream words that hold no lie

My heart is torn apart noone knows 
I keep this pain hidden so deep
As each time he asks why you don't love him
His tender years I hold near me 
He will not fall I will adore for two
Never have I held hate 
You now have that key I hate with all I am 
Just for you the man that broke my childs heart