Pool Of Darkness April 18 2010

Written by: Priscilla Larson

Jumbled thoughts fill my head,
none of it makes any sense.
Walking around on pins and needles,
my life is so intense.

Relaxed I could never be,
I worry all the time.
A racing mind, I can't make it stop,
craziness, a single word used to define.

The craziness takes over me,
swallowing me as a whole.
Swimming alone in a pool of darkness,
I have suddenly lost all control.

Giving up and giving in,
to the demons in my head.
A never ending battle I face,
that will haunt me till I'm dead.

I find myself spacing off,
drifting further from reality.
To much clutter to muttle through,
here's a vivid description of what I see.

Trapped so deep inside myself,
hiding from the shame.
Searching deep, far and wide,
for a place to lay the blame.

With no where to run, 
and no place to hide.
the truth so dark, yet, I know I must face,
but in who do I confide.