Now or Never

Written by: anthony beesley

It's now or never...gotta roll that dice of risk to get that rich reward
Scorched by the looks of the sad and the scorned
Twisted and torn still I make the next mad move
Can't live 4ever...It's now or never

Beholding her beauty...I'm silent and I'm still
Got my sights on seduction...shoot quick for the kill
With my finger on the gun set to sparks
I run through her garden like a serpentile shot
I make the madness mark and plant the seeds that bring life to death
Can't live 4ever...It's now or never

Trying hard to be Mr. Charming and charismatic
Still my heart beats fast and hard like a machine gun on fully automatic
Strong silence in the static...megablasting from the microphone
Burning up bridges and knocking down walls
Uniting the ugly and unwanted...the lost and all alone
Put the key in the lock and open the door
Can't live 4ever...It's now or never

Remorse for your actions or regrets for your nothings
Taking a chance or stay scarred and frightened
Sinking or swimming...flying or falling
Get busy living or get busy dying
The heat keeps me frying but the burn is so golden and good
Can't live 4ever...It's now or never