Love Me If You Want To

Written by: Zelda Cane

Love me if you want to,
Laugh at me I don't care,
Just don't hate me,
Don't you dare.

I've seen good in this world,
I may have seen the best
From everywhere around,
From east to west.

And I've seen the bad,
I may have seen the worst,
Much, much worst than
Those who've just cursed.

I don't care if you treat me
Like your personal guest,
You are still
Certainly not the best.

And I don't care when you're around me
You are at your maddest,
You are still 
Not the baddest.

I know I'm not the bad guy,
I know I'm not the good girl,
I know I'm not the anti-Christ,
I know I'm not a pearl.

But I guess no ones the best or worst,
Nor perfect or the opposite,
You can improve too,
So don't quit.