A Quest That Shall Be Pervailed

Written by: Mary Moussa

*A Quest That Shall Be Prevailed*

Vanity has been dehydrated and drained.
Sanity has been corrupted and stained.

I weep for a world that shall one day burn.
Our souls, I fear are lost, there is no turn.
It is realm adorned with filth and crime;
It is an era where we serve no time.

It is a realm where no rules apply,
It is a world were no love can survive,
Our hearts, I fear have crossed roads
We’ve carried and cradled burdens and loads.

Our fate, I fear is sealed, we shall forever perish,
And lose a country that we once so dearly cherished.

Here you stand..
Taking on
Colossal burden
Blazing passion
Blood sucking rage
All of which have resided
Have never lessened, have never subsided
And as the years go by…
Passion has became a mighty sore,
And seized the once tender loving core
Rage has become a sizzling, unyielding itch
To the very souls, I fear we are in need of a generous stitch
And you off all; Blazing Passion!
I fear shall show no compassion!
They all have tied you up and brought you down
All what they left is a broken heart, a pitiless frown

Let us not let the blazing passion conquer
Let us not let the blood sucking rage prosper
Let us not let the colossal burden prevail
Let us not bow!, let us not hail!