Written by: Annalee Pierce

If one day, I might find someone who’s 
Anything like you,
I hope I have the common sense to run fast just like the wind
God help the girl who finds you, if she’s anything
Like me
I hope she stays far from hell’s embrace, and won’t 
Let you take her wings

I’m high up, where you can’t reach me, but flashbacks
Still play in my mind
You put your feet up on the seat, and I felt right
At home
Then happiness gave way to pain, sun gave way
To storm
You are nothing like I thought you were
You have nothing I would want

There’s nothing left I can believe in,
There’s no reason I should
You made my world as black as night, I couldn’t even
See the stars 
Now sun shines on my window pane, chocolate
Melts between my teeth
I made it out that much stronger, though I wish
It never had to be 
If only strength wasn’t exchanged for this
Kind of scarring

Maybe one day you’ll miss me, though
I hope and pray you won’t
If you see her, and I cross your mind, I hope
You realize all that you missed
Out on,
And all that I deserved
If you find she’s anything like me, please take better care of her

I won’t mistake you for a prince again
Don’t pretend that I’m your
You were shiny just like diamonds, to hide your 
Coal-embedded heart
Since you’re you, I’m sad to say, you’ll
Probably break her spirit
But if she’s anything like I am, she’ll want to break
Your neck