Trapped in the whispers of the breeze

Written by: Michelle-Mari Olsen

Idealistic dreams arisen from inscriptions of reason
Beguiling words… fervently detained in my mind
My every thought pierced by their echoing murmur
But no rational resolution in these words I can find.

All these words, all these dreams
All forsaken owing to what?
A willful need not to dismay,
Or fear of disclosing emotions shut?

Validation or certitude, I have not
But coherent reasoning I shall trust
And these idealistic dreams not pursue
Though it is not what I want, it is what I must…

Yet be assured, my love for you, our memories will surpass
Trapped in the whispers of the breeze
And confirmed by the dazzling light of dawn
Enduring even after still, eternity its ultimate breath hath drawn.