Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

 I knelt down covering the face with ground,
 Romancing with hands spread
 All over, exploring crevices, valleys
 Undulating hills and mountains which spreadraggle.
 His worshipful majesty blotting out of my turlips
 In repeated recitation recalcitrant tongue,
 Ageless ancestors do come together, 
 And let us broke on reason,
 Plead case with the Almighty
 Plead when prone to give in
 Plead when on his Dinner spread,
 Don’t offer chicken noodles and potato shuffle
 But barbecue basted boasted Peacock, offer
 Salami salmon salad in the sky
 Roasted shark fins garnish with jellyfish
 Add some coral reef to taste,
 Dragon eyes buried in hot chili sauce;
 Gut of Godzilla and chop chest of Plesiosaur
 Mutton of Dinosaur and the baldhead of king Kong,
 Breathing steam, sweet cherry on top,
 All gather in a giant charger,
 Let him not sip them down with Apricot flan, 
 Rousing rumbling champagne, bland brandy
 But chestnut seed, olive and kernel oil
 Sunripe grapes, camouflage lemons, rose of clematis,
 Ceanothus, sunflower seeds and a sprinkle of cayenne
 Let Hercules wringe together, 
 Let the violet juice drop to fill his goblet
 And settle his heart.