Another Football Sunday

Written by: Robert Pettit

For sixteen Sundays during the autumn season, 
millions are glued to the TV for a reason.
Football must be a way of life, it seems.
Sitting in their living rooms, they are cheering for their teams.
Why sit in the stands where you have to warmly dress?
You spend lots of money, and freeze your butt off in the process.
During those cold days, there is no need to roam.
We can see the game in the comfort of our home.
Get out the pretzels, potato chips, soda, and beer.
Invite all the friends and neighbors.  We will have a party here.
The offense is out to score points in an attack.
The defense is trying to bury the quarterback.
Each team spends sixty minutes, or four quarters on the field.
Until it’s over, we don’t know the outcome it will yield.
Whether they win or lose, it does not matter anyway.
It is time to have some fun on another game day.