Choosing the inevitable

Written by: Brandon Basson

Stolen, these blind eyed windows
Shut by distant years gone by
But before the curtain is drawn
Reflect on warmth shone ever so often
As my mind sees the wonders
That the eyes were robbed of so long ago
Remember to bow ‘fore the spotlight grows dim 
For the sun will set
And the final curtain will fall
(Tattered in crimson velvet…my favorite)
To cover me with peace and fulfillment
In the cold of winter nights
It’s warmer in the burrows of the underground
Safely nestled in burrows of the eternal
The surface will spell new growth
Intentioned screams of encore
Will promise rotation forever more
I take solace in this, my last moments
Sending prayers over plains
Accompanied by plights of curtain calls
And as the last tear escapes my eye
To rose color cheeks with reality
And shield a tired and parched soul with dusk
Darkness awaits to shake hands with the lifeless
I think it’s about time to lean back a little further
But before I fall into the trusting arms of death
I shan’t forget to open my eyes
And smile