Tides of Destiny

Written by: Camille Rose Castillo

Many times I wonder If you're here with me Is it you who lifts me up And takes away my grief? Is it you who hears Sounds of silent distress And wipes away the tears With your spiritual caress? Or is it sheer resilience That lifts me off the floor When I'm down and broken And can't take any more Are you a silent witness To my deep despair Lurking in the shadows Of thoughts unknowingly shared? Is it you who gives me Sanctuary stillness Do you ease the pain In my times of crisis? Is it you who guides me In the right direction Is it simply destiny Or self determination? Is my course predetermined Or do I have a say Is it you who controls Whatever comes my way? Reveal yourself to me If you really do exist Send a sign or signal Are you truth or just a myth?
~Camille Rose Castillo 2011