Written by: Mohammad Chaudhry


M Saleem Chaudhry

Annelies of Amsterdam is our guide

She  took us to her home town for cosmo's ride
Amsterdam is a city of canals so wide
Where everything is open, not much to hide
The treasures of art, deep sea and culture
She showed with pleasure and with pride
A replica of maritime venture converted
in to museum

A floating Chinese restaurant on low tide
The four major canals, representing past Prince and empress for political

Gentleman And single are reflective of the social profile

The ancestors struggled so hard to build a city of canals and ventured so far
In Far East to Indonesia to spice their lives with  clove, cinnamon and pepper

With the magnificent past, present lessez faire
The future can be doomed if not taken care
p.s Annelies was our tour director for Cosmo's tour of six countries in ten days