Economic Reality

Written by: Stephen Petluk gentle fury

I keep hearing this term
Economic Reality
and I see red
as it's just more mythology
as it's just a case of a
mistaken perception fed
when a collection of unworkable
theories (on the macro level)
can be seen as
something real
even though
some love the feel
of money
and accumulate it
without conscience
social or otherwise
and just love  to tickle down
other than weatth
upon others who frown
upon pursuits other than health

and even though 
reality has become a
doctrine of shock
as even a monetarist
or Friedmanite can see
as equality becomes a rarity 
as Keynes would predict
for  it's a truth that
the rich get richer
and the poor get poorer
for  only idiots 
(and not the smartest
in the room)
pay taxes