Until love, do you part

Written by: Drake Eszes

were broken.

A shattered animosity
against booty calls and warm embraces.

You weren’t good enough
for that man who
cleansed his addictions
for the sake of your eyes,
made of chocolate fantasies.

Fishing for attention at Loneliness Lake,
searching for more piranhas
to gnaw on your D-cup breasts
and size 10 curves.

Until, out of the blue, you found another.

He was twice your size
with half of your vanity.

A bottle of Windex
to your brittle mirror.

Now “Love” was declared in the time it takes
to make popcorn.

But, he never took a whiff of your bag.

You started to hold hands and take
low resolution cell phone pics to fog the memories,
the proverbial paper bag over his face.

As you ride upon his wanton extension,
faking every gasp to get it over with.

He would try to hold you,
but your D-cups would interfere
as your rolling eyes
would leave his list of chores on the nightstand.

As you hit the town,
embracing arms of a stranger
under black light’s costume.

While “Love”

Now it’s anniversary day!

An exchanging of gifts where
written gratitude was sized smaller
than the $20 McDonalds gift cards
left in their blank envelopes.

As ignorant friends gather to celebrate,
more pictures are taken
with celebrated couple
placed 4 persons apart.

Her chest wrapped by that stranger’s arms.

As “Love” smiled in another direction.

For it is his time
to leave her list of chores,
on top of her suitcase.

© Drake J. Eszes