Dry Spell

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

 Have you ever had a dry spell?

No one likes this. This don't feel well.

You dying for your fix that you feel

Heavenly with and fighting with them

Makes it worse. Every R and B songs

Verse about lovemaking turns in your

Mind to a hardcore hip hop song because

He or she in that category has done you

Wrong. He or she keeps calling you on

The phone and you wish that he or she

Would respond in request to come over

Most definitely, but no it's not going down

Like that. They say no I was just calling you

To say what's up but deep down on the inside

You know the other party and you called

To bust a nut. You both got too much pride

And both dry for each other's love on the inside

The true message is disguised. Anger and resentment

Builds lies about how they really feel, and the

Dry spell moves in for the kill. He or she tries to

Move on, but the feeling for the previous lover is so strong

That he or she is with someone else but regretting to what

Was said earlier on the phone. So he or she calls the other

Person's name wrong and oh gosh call the cops. He or she

Gets cussed out. Dry spells equal lack of communication,

No relations, no sucess lately in the love organization.

Be sure that you really want to leave your mate,

Don't let a dry spell steal off of your relationship's plate.

It could end up being a huge mistake. Don't settle for 

Dry spell in your relationship especially if the conflict 

Is petty. Communicate, respectfully debate,differentiate, 

And if it doen't work , give each other the good bye hand shake. 

Dry spells are hells way of throwing a great relationship away.