Paradox of love

Written by: Dominic Magofna

Hate Me
Look at me and despise me
Disapprove of my existence
Set your thoughts of me down onto
an abyss of empitness
Consumed with endless infernos of 
flaming fire
Let hatred become the air that
you breathe
Let it become the energy that you
Let it run through your body
as blood runs through your veins
Show no love, no affections
but leave your desire for me to burn
for me to bleed
For my blood to rain upon the surface of
this planet
Let every ounce of my
history disintegrate
Let every thought of me
fade away
Leave me in the dust
Let me in the wind
Clench onto that hatred 
Let it rise and boil up
Let it vaporize me into thin air
When you think of me 
Imagine what would life become
when demons walk the earth
When you dream of me
Dream of what the world would be 
without life and all its worth
Hate me
Because I love you