Dolphin Manifesto

Written by: Bozhidar Pangelov

now not anymore
the Island that isn’t
a loneliness but
Choice without being
There we were sitting and
The Sea was coming and
We (me and you) – a gorgeous staple,
were creating and
we saw him (after years and years) how
he was entering
like a rainbow huge 
unattainable and
brown – like a beam
(to hold for it)
nonpoetry - the other one is breakable 
when the meaning they wave – 
a hand of an insane man before a mirror 
nongame – the game is dead 
after Joyce and like a child is screaming
for the sandy tower after an adult 
(a cynical stone) carelessly and with no reason
forded through 
the dolphin is a life vital
and his existence aside of the genesis
and whole in the sea and whole 
is reflected 
nonliterature – the literature is dead
implicated into shape and ad of 
the language but
where is here the Rapture
of the dolphin – glamour
oh forgive me I am entering 
a someone else’s territory 
I am not a ventriloquist too
I do not practice knowledge 
there’s nothing new here each
new is unnamed
a vital place without a place
in a movement moveable 
smooth like blue 
fused in a deep bare