Narcissistic Sociopath

Written by: Marilyn Hernandez

You tread on others without care
Hiding behind your tyrannical God
No longer will I appease your lies
With a humored smile and nod

‘Cause it’s all about you
And the garbage you spew
With no regard for the lives left askew
By all the hurtful things you do

Imprisoning an innocent with ignorance and fear
Inside your religious bars
You’ve used her against us too many times
And left us with emotional scars

You torture the defenseless without excuse
We always knew your screws were loose
But never again will I endure your abuse
I’d rather dangle ‘round a noose

All fond memories have been shrouded
By a blanket of mistrust
To know that we’re related
Only fills me with disgust

It seems you’ve got no conscience within
You’ve no apologies for previous sin
You’d do it all again with a stupid grin
No remorse for betraying your own kin

No inconvenient favor was ever too much
So pray your God is as merciful as mine
For if your ‘rapture’ truly comes
You’ll be paying a hefty fine