A Father's Rage

Written by: Stephen Petluk gentle fury

Even through an image on tv
how could you not feel his pain
and how could you fail to see
how such a travesty would be a drain

on his soul

his little girl gang raped 
7 times
after  being drugged
by rufinol
in her red bull
or jagermeister 
no doubt set up
by frenemies
and videos taken
by willing accomplices
making a whole world
an accomplice
as the video goes viral 
on Utube

and then
at school after recovering
she's the whore who asked for it
cause she wasn't popular
just pretty
and smart
and craved a little fun 
at a rave
just an excuse to tear out her heart
'cause the sick little freaks
who raped her
were the cool kids
the popular ones

and it's a small town
and it's the pit's about Pitt Meadows
that  the code of silence
protects the sick little freak perpetrators
whom everyone knows
just because their parents
are the movers and shakers
who really should be shaking
in their boots
instead of going on the offensive
which truly offends me

If the sick little freak perpetrators
of a most heinous crime
learn on thing from this outrage
aside from a failure of criminal justice

it is possible they might learn to fear
a father's rage

and my question is
are they so far from human?
not just the little sick freak rapists
but the one's who can just stand 
and watch
and take videos 
while laughing