when i'm out of conversation

Written by: Jerry Golden

i stand for my tears
when i'm hurt
i touch the ground with them
spatter and sear the fear

hanging my head
high or low 
i share my thoughts
until it's my time to go 
fighting for a leader
a leader quilted and unsightly
stricken for an absence of space
a plateau of ruins and wrinkles faceless
lost by desire
i was stricken so tasteless
cold weather wishing
driven me pale 
back and forth
hoping that time sways us well
trapped in my four corners 
Keeping my mail un-shelved 
misery is a sanctum
you must rebuild yourselves
the preparers destiny
mumbling words of wisdom
when days become awry
choose your halo's and thank them
as a child my cornered demons 
thwarted me freely
now congested to societies abnormality 
my peers are subject to mirror me 
the doom through my third eye 
at the crescent of mercury's pyramid
a phantom to peaceful days 
because i'm calling it as it appears to me

"every now and then we're given a fighter"