Written by: Johnny Pyro

"What truths initiate are legacies but what lies initiate are fallacies"

"If you do not know the truth then you haven't met with understanding"
"We prey on our unawareness of truth by using our ignorance against the ignorant (i.e. ourselves and others)”

"Ignorance is far away from knowledge, and knowledge needs effort to attain understanding and when understanding is at its peak, its creativity is only a derivative of its understanding-interpretation not knowledge, because knowledge alone can only initiate creativity but cannot establish-complete creativity in the first place"

"Wisdom is knowing, understanding and doing-realizing the truth (continuous learning process), knowledge is enough to keep one away from some fallacies, but understanding helps-guides toward discovery"

“The understanding of the music of love is the beginning of-induces orderliness”

“In most individuals the love for music does not always equate their understanding of the music of love”

“When the understanding of the music of love equates that of the love of-for music then
the truth has prevailed”