What A Lovers Kiss Can Be

Written by: Chance Kophamer

Her body is the fire
That lights my candle of desire
A roaring flame formed in the night
Her beauty needs no other light
Than what we make when put together
So hot even in freezing weather
We fill the house with steamy heat
Every time our bodies meet
By morning neither she nor I
Could undo the knotted tie
Of labored limbs left so tired
From a night solely inspired
By my lovely lovers curves
That pressed so sweetly on my nerves
While fighting sleep our eyelids compressed
And she fell to sleep first on my chest
I followed shortly her to rest
But when I woke she had dressed
And left me with only a look
That pierced my heart with string and hook
Still slack when through the door she leaves
But soon that string works and weaves
Its way around my heart to pull
It and my body to full
Sprint after the lost love
That sleep cruelly deprived me of
I searched the streets until night came
And then I saw the tiny flame
Of that beauty shine far away
But still to me as bright as day
and with my love she was persuaded
To chase the romance once evaded
Then between us the heat did grow
Until on touch our lips did glow
So bright in darkness for all to see
What a lovers kiss can be