Dream turned love tale

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Hold me - lift me, somehow please
Take me away from the darkness
Wish it to be a dream of dusk
Rather than a tale of our life together

What a sinister all around our soul
Turn on the brightness yet again
My feet giving no sings of repair
Is this just a dream or lifelong tale

A beautiful future we dream of jointly
Is turning pale with sigh and breathe
Help me manage to move on somehow
This unfathomable darkness - a disdain

Finally i am in his arms safely saved
Suddenly he sparkles my eyes and soul
Trying to again figure out is it a dream
Whatever it is ....i wish it to be continued

Wonder! a sparking Solitaire had my name
Its light was enough to make me sane
I love you beyond life is what i could say
Thank heavens for replacing gloom to glee

Now I realize darkness was not to betray
In his arms the fear and pain gone away
World brightened with pious love unseen 
Wish it to be continued forever as truth...