For those that love another

Written by: kathryn ramirez

Have you ever felt yourself falling then wake before you hit the ground?

Well that's how I feel baby, whenever you're around.

The fear of what is below me, keeps me from letting go of the past

because,  if I keep falling for you I know it just won't last.

You let her hurt you, and I know she cut you straight to the bone.

Even though you lie,  I still know her memory won't leave you alone.

You act like you care for me and that maybe I am of some worth.

but, then you seem guarded and it keeps sending me back and forth.

Whatever she's done to you, it overwhelms all the love I can give.

It's just impossible to win a heart, where her memory still lives.

It could be the timing but, we're not meant for a relationship.

 Even though we won't work, Can I give you a small tip?

Clear your heart of her bitter and overpowering ghost

It's hard for other's to feel welcome where her memories' the host.

I know that I once said I had only wanted to have fun,

but, I never expected to feel this way again about anyone.

I am not stupid I know when it's the time for me to bow out,

I don't expect this to hurt you because,  I'm not what your about.

I remember, I told you,  I wouldn't and couldn't say goodbye,

but now I can see if I don't you'll continue to make me cry.

She still owns and haunts your heart with no room for me there.

So I have to get to walking away because, I am really scared.

I didn't expect to fall for you in the blink of an eye.

So I had to tell you now, I am not good at telling lies.

We've both been hurt badly but, I can't stand this pain.

That's why I am bowing out at first sight of "nothing here to gain".

Kathryn (Katei) Ramirez