Written by: Grobb Johnson

When most all you've had's been taken,
and the rest all took off and gone.
Been misused and abused,
for so, so long.
When you work so hard,
for all of your day.
Just to take what you make
and have it stripped away.

When it's all been burned
after enough lessons learned.
After everything you ever loved
has been stolen, lost or died
and your eyes have become
permanently dried.
Then your wants, your needs,
your thoughts on these,
your ideas and beliefs.
Well they start to change.

You might see things for what they are.
A home is your home,
and a car is just a car.
Your priorities might differ from before
Become satisfied with what you have
not always wanting more.
Things taken for granted
now desired the most.
Things not thought of
now held so close.

To be warm and dry
and not be hungry
is all I really need
in order to be happy.