How can I embrace Life

Written by: Emmanuel Kabenah Cudjoe

Master, I am A sTranger to you
but will you to hear my  confession?

I am a faceless man who lives
in the backyard of
your house

I share your table
So heavily heaped with bread,
fruit and meat
it huffs like a horse drawing a coal cart

As the richmans to Lazarus
the crumbs are swept to my lap by my Lizzy
Sweetie, eat and be satsified now
Tomorrow we shall be gone

I wrestle with your dog
for the bone pregnant with meat
and wash it down with your cat's milk

I am the  nocturnal animal
that steals through the fenced lair
to meet  my mate
and flees at the break of down
before the hunter 
runs me to the ground.

Hear my humble plea
Please master of the house
Before you throw me out
I need your aid

     From Emmanuel Kabenah Cudjoe