Written by: Anthony Nutter

A. W. Nutter

A familiar door opens quietly
The living room still and vacant
Darkness engulfing sin completely
Shattered heart beating so rampant

Remaining statuesque, hatred building
Wedding vows casually tossed aside
Murderous thoughts I begin caressing
Life’s defining moment has arrived 

The children's beds tidily made
Their fragrance lingering in the air
Haunting echoes, bedtime serenade
Memories spoiled by mothers affair

Unable to hold emotions in check
The knife flashes, finding its mark
Severing the artery in her lovers neck
Plunging it through the traitors heart

Disappearing silently into the night
Weapon and soiled clothing destroyed
Entering my home through a trap door
Home defense system remains deployed

Children unaware they are motherless
As I carefully lay down by their side
Alarms intact, kids never left defenseless
Providing their father, an airtight alibi