Soul of a soldier

Written by: anthony beesley

The soul of a soldier it keeps marching on...from battles behind to battles beyond
As blood soaks the soil life seeds sprout from death
protecting stray sheep
protecting lost lambs
As bullets hit helmets and they die in their boots
Still the soul of a soldier fights for freedom and truth

The soul of a soldier never once counts the cost
Obeying their orders...only counting what's left and never what's lost
paying the price with life,love and limbs
Doing Gods work with hard and holy hands
Bringing beauty to ugliness and peace in war lands

The soul of a soldier...past,present and future
With missions to stop the worlds cold chaos creatures
From psychopathic preachers in pulpits
To demon driven demigods
From Hussiens to HItlers
Josef Stalins to Jim jones
Through Blood and bones and bravery
With courage they kill cowardice and bring joy to misery

The soul of a soldier never rests or relents cause there's always more battles as the 
day never ends
with the sun on the horizon and the moon still hovers
The souls of those soldiers are like prophets of power